Sunday, 7 August 2011

How could Gamer Score be such a headache?

Finally, the Moose is loose on here!
Goldfish finally sent me the invite to be unleashed upon the blog and so I thought I would cover an issue that many people must have encountered.

How is it that a number could rule your life so much? My Gamerscore on my xbox account has currently taken over my life this summer, I keep wanting more and more. Its insane! I also know for a fact that it isn't just me that has this addiction. Goldfish, Lemming, and Pie, they have it too alongside a vast number of the gaming community.

The craziest thing of all being of course that it all comes up for nothing, it's merely a number that either gets you some recognition, or a look that says "Wow, you really have no life at all do you?"

Both results usually end in going after more achievements, either for a bigger ego rush, or to make the pain of reality to go away. Comfort 'Chieving.
On the plus side, wanting more achievements has led me to try more new games, or go back to some old ones that I haven't looked at for ages. Mercs 2, great fun.


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